Our Vision

Be the leading provider of decision-making data in the Kingdom of Cambodia

Our Mission

  • Serve our members and consumers with comprehensive credit reporting on individuals and businesses
  • Enlarge our range of solutions that help organizations solve their business issues
  • Facilitate decision making with our data analysis capabilities

Core Value "CREDIT"

We are the trusted partner with highest ethical and professionalism ensuring maximum privacy protection above and beyond that required by law.
The responsibility of solving customers’ problems belongs to everyone. We place no limits on employee initiative in servicing the needs of the customers.
Excellence is a shared responsibility for every employee. We take great pride in the quality of our work to achieve excellence and it’s reflected in the quality of the solutions we develop for our customers and the value they receive from our products and services.
Data security is the fundamental function of CBC. We commit to put all efforts to ensure all kind of data are kept in the secured environment and compliance with data privacy requirement.
Integrity is our most valued principle and we will maintain high ethical standards in everything we do. We are committed to pro-actively monitor and validate data as it is provided and will address all concerns in respectful manner.
We believe that team spirit is very important key factor driving the success. As long as we work together, there is no limit to the possibilities. The sum of our collaborative efforts is much larger than the sum of our individual efforts and in this manner our customers are best served.