Personal Credit Report

Personal Credit Report is a record of individual borrower credit payment history compiled from bank, microfinance and major financial institutions.

As all lenders will check personal credit file to access your credit worthiness prior to making a decision, a good credit repayment history will make it easier for you to obtain credit and to qualify for loans. This is why it’s a good idea to request a copy of your credit report. It is up to you to check your report and take steps to correct the information.

Benefit of the Credit Report

  • Offers the ability to dispute incorrect credit data
  • Outlines your credit profile and what risk level you are at
  • Shows the factors that raise and lower your CBC credit worthiness
  • Faster decision making on loan approval

How to get the Credit Report

  • For financial institution, they can directly access to individual borrower credit report via CBC’s interface
  • Consent from borrower need to have prior to access their individual profile
  • General public can visit CBC’s office to request their own credit report
  • Bring along valid identity such as national ID card or passport to proof our identification

Sample of Personal Credit Report <<Click Here!>>


“All Cambodia citizen are eligible to one copy of credit report per year from CBC with no cost”

Financial Health Check

Financial Health Check

Financial Health Check is one of CBC services, that allows all public consumers to check his/her own creditworthiness/credit report via our authorized agents.