School Supplies Donation to Kids in Shanty Town Spirit

Published Date: Sunday January 29th, 2017

On March 19, 2017 at 2:00pm, Credit Bureau Cambodia (CBC) held an event to donate educational materials to 63 kids in Shanty Town Spirit with the present of Mr. OEUR Sothearoath, Interim CEO of CBC, HH Princess Ermine Norodom, management and staff of both parties.

HH Princess Ermine Norodom said that the purpose of Shanty Town Spirit is to help the poor children living in the slum to have equal access to education, which is the only way to prosper their future. Her organization helps support educational materials and some financial aids to make sure that those kids spend their time focusing on study rather than picking rubbish for living. In 2017, Credit Bureau Cambodia donated educational materials to the kids in her organizations. The kids and her organization would like to sincerely thank to CBC for the donation, which helps reduce the burden of kids’ family on their educational materials.

Mr. OEUR Sothearoath, Interim CEO of CBC, said that “Although CBC is a private company, we don’t focus only on profit, but also think of activities to contribute back to society and education is also one of CSR plan. That’s why we decide to support the Shanty Town Spirit to help the kid to have better education and future by providing educational materials.” He continued that “ we encourage the young kids to keep their best on their study in order to have a prosper future.”

The educational materials given to the kids consist of bag, books, ruler sets, pens, shoes, and other materials.

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