CEO’s Message

In 2017, Credit Bureau Cambodia (CBC) reached the milestone of five years of operations in the country with the establishment of a trusted platform to support the sustainability of the credit industry. As of the closing of the year, we have a total of 149 members inclusive of commercial banks, specialised banks, microfinance institutions, leasing companies, and rural credit institutions. During the year, we generated around 4 million credit reports which is an increase of 19% compared to 2016. We obtained up to 5 million consumers’ data in our database out of a total of 10 million of the country’s adult population.

These results are part of our strategy to further strengthen our operations in the country as well as achieving our vision to be a leading provider of decision-making data in the Kingdom of Cambodia. This is also a demonstration of our capability and continued commitment to support the economic development in the country.

Credit Bureau Cambodia kept a focus on strengthening its good performance on our data quality and security to oblige our members and partners’ expectation. We thrive on our value proposition by continually seeking to enrich our existing data analytic solutions and also introducing new services to the market by means of our Value-Added Solutions.

The year also saw significant and strong branding and community building efforts. Aside from our commitments in growing the business, we strongly committed to the communities we serve through both provision of financial services and our employees’ time and labour volunteer support. In 2017, CBC’s Corporate Social Responsibility Agenda was focused on supporting four key areas: financial literacy awareness and knowledge to the market, financial education and knowledge sharing to university students, rural and the less fortunate within our communities’ development, and Responsible Practices.

I am proud to be part of the committed team working toward the company’s objectives. We continue to encourage the growth of our employees by helping them gain valuable experience and creating new opportunities for them. We believe competent employees will lead to more productivity, and in this manner optimise the company’s performance.

In 2018 we will continue to keep our focus on expanding our capabilities with many key initiatives in place to roll out a variety of innovative and enhanced solutions to the market which contribute to the stability of the industry growth and facilitate our members to expand their business. Like previous years, our emphasis is on data quality and security; we have set aside significant investment to further upgrade our data security system and capability. We look to expand our distribution channels through strategic partnerships to reach out to the needs of our B2C segment on Financial Health Check.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my deepest gratitude for the valuable guidance and insight of the National Bank of Cambodia (NBC), the International Finance Corporation (IFC), the Association of Banks in Cambodia (ABC), the Cambodia Microfinance Association (CMA), and all other stakeholders. Sincere thanks go to our members and business partners for their ongoing support throughout the years. On a final note, I would like to acknowledge and appreciate the Management Team and all the employees of Credit Bureau Cambodia for their efforts in building the business momentum. I am proud to be able to rely on the professional and dedicated team which has continuously and constantly contributed to the company’s success toward our vision and mission.

Oeur Sothearoath

Chief Executive Officer