Charity Event: “Safe Water Safe bottle”

Published Date: Thursday December 5th, 2019

Cambodia, Phnom Penh, (November 30, 2019)- Credit Bureau Cambodia (CBC) has contributed 300 Reusable waters and 1 Water Purifier to Prek Pra Kroam Primary School through a project “The safe Water Safe Bottle” initialed by the Global Peace Foundation and the Global Peace Alliance-Cambodia in order to create a better and healthier environment for children in Cambodia.

CBC recognizes that the children are still not safe enough for consumption by potable water at school. Some students are drinking water from the pipe while some are spending their daily allowance to buy plastic bottled drinking water that does not only affect to their health negatively, but also their economic status. More importantly, the habit of buying plastic bottle drinking water is such as plastic waste, which is later on end up being disposed and\or burnt at landfill of the school. This continues process of burning the plastic waste that contributes harming the student’ and teachers’ health, and the environment and climate as a whole.

According to UNICEF Cambodia, in 2010, 6.3 million Cambodian still have no access to clean water and basic sanitation and more than 60 percent of the 6.3 million Cambodian who face this predicament are living in poor conditions in rural areas. 40 percent of primary schools in Cambodia have no access to water facilities that offer safe drinking water.

Mr. Sothearoath Oeur, CEO of CBC said that “We expect that our contribution could make children to be able to drink sufficient amount of water daily in their respective school, and there will be reduction of the use of plastic bottle that are unsafe both to the people including the students and teachers as well as the environment.”

Since its operation in 2012 its CSR program, CBC has been actively supporting and contributing to communities such as sponsorship to several NGO, who works closely with people in the communities. In addition, CBC also initiated financial literacy programs by conducting workshop in universities, consumer talk, and other events to inform the public about the importance of credit report and building of good credit history which benefits to them in the future.

CBC has been operated since March 2012, with a strong support from the National Bank of Cambodia (NBC), the Association of Banks of Cambodia (ABC), the Cambodian Microfinance Association (CMA) and the International Finance Corporation (IFC). CBC promotes greater financial stability by providing accurate real time data to member institution and industry that helps them control the financial aspects of their businesses. It allows businesses to manage credit risk, prevent fraud and automate decision-making. CBC also helps individuals to check their credit report to ensure they have access to loan and finance and to protect themselves against identity theft. As of November 2019, CBC has 167 members inclusive of bank, microfinance, leasing, and rural credit operator.