Commercial Credit Report is Available Now

Published Date: Monday December 31st, 2018

Phnom Penh, December 31, 2018: Credit Bureau Cambodia (CBC) has been doing the soft launch the commercial credit report platform from now onward and will be fully operational in early 2019, allowing its members to check the credit report of the companies who applying for commercial loan

Since its establishment in 2012, CBC has been serving its members and the individual with the core service, consumer credit report. This platform has contributed a lot of benefits to the individuals, financial institutions, and the sector.

 “Within 6 year of operation, CBC has started with Consumer Credit Reporting which allows our members to understand well about their customers and make decision on loans effectively and responsibly. In addition, this system also helps the individual to have better access to their credit information and understand about their credit status, which helps them better prepared for loan applications. On the macro level, this system also contributes to the stability of the sector and economy as the whole. ​Financial institutions as well as the regulator and involved stakeholders are highly appreciating and acknowledge their needs for the quality and availability of the data. We have earned a lot of trust and urged to introduce the Commercial Credit Reporting System to the market.” Said Mr. Oeur Sothearoath, CBC’s CEO.

From Week 4 of December onwards, CBC will serve the full set of consumer and commercial credit report to the market.

“As a result of our effort and commitment to bring this platform into the market, we proud to announced about the soft launch of Commercial Credit Reporting system effectively from now and fully operational from early 2019, which allows our members to check the company’s credit report.”

CBC has committed to the response to the needs and had been working very hard with our members and stakeholders to bring the commercial data into our system, which we believe will help both our members and the legal entities especially paving the way for SMEs to have better access to finance.

Credit Bureau Cambodia is the leading provider of credit information, analytical solutions, and credit reporting services to banks, microfinance institutions, leasing companies, credit operators and consumers in the Kingdom of Cambodia. As of November 2018, there are 157 financial institutions as CBC’s members.

CBC promotes greater financial stability by providing accurate real time data to consumers and industry that helps them control the financial aspects of their businesses. It allows businesses to manage credit risk, prevent fraud and automate decision-making. CBC also helps individuals to check their credit report to ensure they have access to loans and finance and to protect themselves against identity theft.