First Member Working Committee (MWC) Seminar 2018

Published Date: Monday March 26th, 2018

On March 22, 2018 at Phnom Penh Hotel, Credit Bureau Cambodia (CBC) conducted its 2018 first Member Working Committee (MWC) seminar with the representatives from all financial institutions. The seminar was to discuss about the proposing items which had been discussed in the last seminar and to formalize on​ the action plan, followed by the election for the new chairman and vice-chairman of MWC, which is a vote in every two years.

The chairman of the MWC, who will involve in the contribution to this committee, is Mr. Rom Vanarar from KREDIT Microfinance Institution and the vice-chairwoman is Ms. Sreang Lalune from CIMB Bank Plc.

The Member Working Committee is a very powerful platform helps CBC to interact and reach out to our daily users, hence it provides opportunities for CBC to communicate latest updates and vice versa to hear back from our members. CBC regularly hosts the committee on a quarter basis with the participation of all members. This platform has been reliably operated and proven to be more efficient and value-added to all CBC’s members and also to the industry as the whole through the room to improve outcomes where all members can raise their concern, suggestion and/or ideas that benefit.