Training on “Data Input and Understanding Credit Report”

Published Date: Tuesday February 13th, 2018

On February 8-9, 2018, at Credit Bureau Cambodia held a training course on “Data Input and Understanding Credit Reports” for 46 member’s staff coming from 42 institutions. This course focuses on equipping proficiency in operating and integrating data into the information system database as well as exploring the credit reporting.

The training also aims to support its members in achieving efficient operation, as well as to provide additional opportunity in strengthening the cooperation between CBC technical staff and all its direct working groups. In addition, it could enhance the team’s competence in the areas involved in the use of credit information sharing systems and fully aware of their daily operations.

Credit Bureau Cambodia is always very cautious in serving its members and customers with a comprehensive and efficient credit reporting system for both to sustain the good health of credit performance for its members throughout the country and to protect client from fraud or credit record error on the other angle. Moreover, the company has created additional services that substantially help address business issues, reduce risk levels and strengthen effective operation through its automate analyzed data system and customized one.