CBC Held University Conference at University of Cambodia on The Contribution of Credit Reporting System on Risk Managment

Published Date: Wednesday August 22nd, 2018


On August 16th, 2018 at University of Cambodia, there was a workshop on “The Contribution of Credit Reporting System in Credit Risk Management” with the special attending of Mr. Oeur Sothearoath, Chief Executive Officer of Credit Bureau Cambodia and Ms. Gina V.Lopez, Ms. Gina V. Lopez, Vice President International Affairs, and Dean of The Tony Fernandes School of Business, management from the both institutions with the participants of more than 200 students majoring accounting, banking, economics and management.

The workshop aimed at equipping students with the practical knowledge and link it to the theories they have studied in the university as well as raising the awareness on CBC, and risk management through the credit reporting system. This would help them to be more qualified for the future job opportunities in financial sector, especially taking part in the country economic development after their graduation. In addition, this workshop also aimed to raise the corporate social responsibility and also join hand with Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport to improve education quality through informal education system, which is an important part to strengthen the student’s ability for future job vacancies and contribute to the country economic development


CBC has consistently conducted its conference on various topics in order to enhance better understanding of credit information for students at public and private universities.