Training on “General Principle for Credit Reporting’’

Published Date: Tuesday May 8th, 2018

On May 5th 2018, the Credit Bureau Cambodia held a training course on “General Principle for Credit Reporting’’ with the participation of all CBC’s staff. This course was conducted by the CEO of CBC, Mr. OEUR Sothearoath, to equip its staff with the principles of credit reporting and its systems, which are essential to creating sound financial infrastructures that facilitate lending processes of CBC’s members and expand public access to credit.

Credit Reporting Systems also help satisfy lenders’ needs for accurate and credible information that reduces the risk of lending and the cost of loan default. They serve to influence the behaviour of the debtors and help them to easier access credit due to good credit histories. At the macro and micro levels, the Credit Reporting Systems support the Financial Supervisory Authorities through statistics to promote healthy growth of the sector across the country.

Credit Bureau Cambodia is always very cautious in serving its members with a comprehensive and efficient credit reporting system for both sustainability of the good health of credit performance and to empower country economic development.